art work from the students

During the live sessions we make short sketches with a soft pencil on a normal piece of paper. The students are given short descriptions about the composition, shapes and lines.

Live Session van gogh’s butterflies

Butterflies have a delicate shape and are often on fine flowers. you learn the interaction with shape and rest shape (background)

Live session van gogh's butterflies

live session terraces

Live Session terraces

Drawing terraces in the city, village or in front of your house. Somewhere in the world or your own country! You learn about the history of terraces, light and dark, depth, perspective, space and unusual shapes.

Live Session halloween special

Drawing Halloween related objects. Training to draw round shapes on different pumpkins, skulls and scary clowns

Live session halloween special

live session birds

Live Session birds

Test your capability on drawing birds, even painting them!
Flying birds, dancing and standing birds.